Saturday, January 14, 2017

FREE 2017 Year On One Page Calendar + Goal Setting

Happy 2017!  The new year is a great time to think ahead and plan for the months ahead.  Whether it's business goals, fitness goals, home improvement projects- it's better to get a jump start and be ahead of the game!

Add this FREE 2017 Year on One Page printable to your planner and start planning
Download in Letter Size or A5 Size!

It's so easy to get behind and put things off, but I really want to make 2017 a year of productivity and success in all areas of my life.  Let's make 2017 a great year by using this month to plan, set goals and get things done!

Quick Tips: Preparing yourself for a new year.

1.  Plan early. 

Why put it off?  When you plan on the fly or last minute it's usually a mess and you're not as likely to stick with a sloppy plan.  You didn't put a lot of thought or time into it.  You didn't sit down and really visualize yourself achieving these goals.

Make planning and goal setting a priority.  Go ahead and schedule planning sessions with yourself!

2.  Treat your goals as if they're definite plans rather than a wish list.

You deserve to achieve your goals!  If you don't believe you can achieve your goals then you won't.  Have faith that you can make it happen!

Create a solid plan ahead of time that's well thought out and give it 100%.

3.  Prepare for setbacks.

They're definitely going to happen!  Plan for bumps in the road and don't get discouraged.

Planning in advance can allow you a little extra time to make adjustments.

Have you seen the 2017 Daily Planners?

Looking for a new planner?  Check out all of my 2017 Daily Planners and Calendars!

This is the Zig Zag Chevron design- full of color!  This planner is also available in Confetti Dot and Navy Stripe.

I'm hoping to add some new designs for next year so please comment and leave suggestions or things you would like to see in next year's Daily Planners!

This Lined & Dated 2017 Calendar is great for planning your year.  This was a much requested item from a few of my teacher customers!
This 2-page spread includes tons of room to write along with some fun design features and lots of color!

Download your FREE Year On 1 Page Calendar:

What are your goals for 2017?


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Printable Fitness Planner [Letter Size + A5!]

Happy New Year!  Start this year off right by creating a plan to achieve your health and fitness goals. This printable Fitness Planner is the perfect tool to help you get started!
This colorful planner comes with files for both Letter Size and A5.  If you need another size you can always resize pages using your printer settings.  Pages are in order and ready for 2-sided printing.  As always, I suggest looking over your files for download errors before printing and also printing in small groups to avoid wasting paper and ink.
Now let's get into the contents of the planner!  Here's a look at the index page-

Covers + Extras

I've included fun polka dot divider pages to keep things bright and cheery.  These pages are colorful, but easy on your printer ink.  There are 6 sections in total and matching divider tabs are also included.  You will need to cut and assemble the tabs using these easy instructions.

1. Goals

Set some goals for health, nutrition and fitness using this fun goal setting page!
There are 9 spaces and this section also includes lined pages for you to write out your goals in more detail.

2. Plan

Create a plan using these lined pages.
Write out your meal plan, workout plan, changes you would like to make, bad habits you need to break- anything you want!

3. Motivation

What is your motivation for starting this plan?
You can also include your own pages in this section.  You can create a vision board photo collage, print it out and add it to your planner!

4. Weekly

Time to get started!
There are 12 weeks of pages setup in order already and I've included a One Week Easy Fill file so you can easily print out additional weeks and add them to your planner.  Remember- you can print extras of any page you like and you don't need to print the whole planner at once if you would rather print a little at a time!
Each week starts with a weekly planning page to write out your goals, schedule and any notes you need to make.
There is a Weekly Meal Log at the beginning of each week.  You can fill in the dates in the white boxes under each day and either plan meals in advance or log as you go.  There's also a hydration tracker for each day.  I usually make each water bottle = 1 liter and try to drink 4 liters a day.
There is a Fitness Log for each day of the week.  Record your strength training, exercises, cardio and make notes.  If you, for example, go to a fitness class that day you can write that into the notes section and record the duration and intensity under the cardio section.

5. Progress

This progress chart will help you track physical changes!
This chart includes weight, body fat, measurements, pant/shirt size and weekly spaces to record the date.  Measure as often as you like!  I use a sewing tape measure (because they're about $1 and much cheaper than a tape specifically for body measurements) that I got in the craft section at Walmart.  

Sometimes the scale doesn't reflect the changes you're making and you can even gain weight as you gain muscle.  Body measurements are typically a more reliable way to track, but keep in mind that measurements will fluctuate just like your weight.  Are you bloated?  Make a note at the bottom of the page!

6. Notes & Ideas

I always have to include a notes section!
You can use this section to record any ideas you have or future plans!  Odds are you're going to have things you want to remember or things you need to change for your next fitness plan.

So what do you think?  

This planner is available as an instant download so you can get started planning right away.
Don't forget to check out these resources if you need help putting your planner together:


Friday, September 2, 2016

FREE Printable September 2016 Planning Page!

Happy September!  Fall is my favorite season and, in my opinion, the best time to get a fresh start.  I know it's not technically fall yet, but it's close enough for me!  I created this planning page to jot down and organize my to do list and goals for this month.  Click to download your A5 Planning Page or Letter Size Planning Page or continue reading!
For this page I used the colorful Lots of Dots pattern that's new to my shop from my Printable Address Book.  I'm loving this color scheme right now!  I wanted something bright, but simple to help me put all my important tasks and goals for the month on one page.  I also included a lined notes page to make this printable 2-sided!
I have a lot planned for this month!  Fall always motivates me to buckle down and get things done.  I have a bunch of to do's that I'm not ready to (or can't) schedule for a specific date.  That's where this page comes in handy.

This download is available in both Letter Size (8.5" x 11") and A5 (5.83" x 8.27") and is setup as a 2-page document that can be used to print front and back OR can be printed as two separate pages.  (Just remember to adjust your print settings if you'd like to print it 2-sided.)
Download your free copy and get started planning your month!  Check back for more freebies or visit my shop to see all of my planning printables!

This Monthly Goals Planner Page is another great planning freebie!  You can use it to plan for the whole year!  I'm using mine to forward plan projects around the house.


Download Your...
FREE A5 September 2016 Planning Page
FREE Letter Size September 2016 Planning Page

How do you plan your month?  Share below!