Friday, April 8, 2016

Freebie: Daily Nutrition Log with Macros (A5 & Letter)

Here's a printable Daily Nutrition Log to help you get back on track!  Use this planner in your A5 or letter size planner or binder.
This planner page is a free addition to my new Fitness Planner (coming soon!)  It can be used with another planner or on it's own!  (This makes a great physical copy of your data from MyFitnessPal!)
I designed this planner page with lots of color and plenty of space to log your meals for the day.  Each meal space has 6 lines.  If you're eating more than 6 items or ingredients condense some into the same line.  For example, if you're putting a small amount of several vegetables on a salad just list all the items on one line along with their combined macros.
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A5 Daily Nutrition Log with macros
Letter Size Daily Nutrition Log with macros
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Freebie: Printable Goal Planner Page (A5 & Letter) and Color Selection

Here's a sample from the new Fitness Planner coming soon!  This colorful Goal Planner page is available in A5 and Letter Size size.  Add this to your planner to set long-term (or short-term) goals for your heath, nutrition and fitness!
The PDF is setup for 2-sided printing, but you can choose to print just one side if you like.  You can choose either A5 or Letter Size and, of course, you can also resize the pages to fit your planner.  The page above is printed on A5 paper and shown in a large (A5) kikki.K planner.  
If you would like to resize these pages to fit a different size paper you can visit my page on Resizing PDFs.
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Color Schemes & Color Choice

This planner will show off a new color scheme I've been using.  Still bright, but with some muted and natural tones.  I never choose just one or two colors.  Typically my color schemes have 7 or more colors and a couple alternate colors to add in like gray or brown.  I went crazy and used 11 colors this time.
In this palette I used some pastel, bright and muted tones and added a taupe accent color to throw in when needed.  Adding too many bright colors all together can look too harsh.  Adding too many pastel and muted tones can look dull.  I think using a good mix of different types of colors makes for a more attractive color scheme.
You can see the overall effect is colorful, but not obnoxious.  There's a lot of white space in my designs since the pages are meant to be printed at home.  They're very ink- friendly- I only purchased ink twice last year and I print pages daily for my business.  (I highly recommend buying the high capacity cartridges.  They last forever!)
The other reason I leave lots of white space- to keep the pages looking clean.  I have to balance out all the colors I'm using.  If I add too much color or graphics to the page it starts to look busy.

What color schemes do you prefer?  Do you like a lot of color or do you prefer to stick with one or two shades?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coming Soon: NEW Printable Fitness & Nutrition Planner! (A5 + Letter)

This new printable Fitness Planner features a bright design and new color scheme!  It will include daily & weekly meal logs, a daily exercise log, goal planning pages, grocery list, monthly menu planner and much more!  I'm also planning to create some free printables to coordinate with this planner!  Files will be available in Letter size and A5 (fits Filofax A5, Kikki K Large, Arc Jr.)
Pages will be in order, but for those printing in A5 size printing 2-sided may depend on your printer.  My printer does not allow me to print A5 paper 2-sided or borderless.  Check your printer to see what page sizes you are able to use and if there are any limitations for those page sizes.

The Gym Shoe cover will also be available as a Custom Personalized Cover (sold separately) if you would like to add a personal touch to your cover!

Other printables to look for in the near future...

Printable Guide PDF:
You can expect to see a Printable Guide in the next month.  This PDF will explain downloading, printing, editable features, paper selection and other important information about printable planners.  It will come with each purchase in my shop and will also be available on my blog.  I'm hoping this will help cut down on any confusion or trouble downloading/printing files.

The Teacher Planner 2016-2017 (2017):
I've started working on this year's Teacher Planners!  I'm going to make some updates to the planner and include some new pages.  I plan to have the Teacher Planner ready before starting on the dated Teacher's Daily Planners.  Those will be updated along with the Student Planners during the summer.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Freebie: Christmas & Holiday Gift Planner Printable!

With the holidays quickly approaching I've started putting together some ideas for Christmas.  Usually, I like to wait until the last minute to buy my Christmas gifts, but now I have 2 children with holiday birthdays- one right before Thanksgiving and one the week of Christmas.  Things get a little crazy so I created a simple planner to jot down ideas for each person on my list!
I'll likely use this to jot down the big gift ideas for my kids, but this is mainly for other friends and family for whom I'll buy only one or a small number of gifts.
You can also get an idea of how much you're spending on each person.  Right now I'm using it to jot down the current price for the item and get a rough estimate of how much I'm going to spend overall so I can budget accordingly.
Since I do purchase hostess gifts for Thanksgiving I created a "Holiday Gift List" also so that it can be used for the entire holiday season or for anyone who celebrates a different holiday or many holidays within one home!  And I kept with my colorful design for this one- I tried to use red & green guys, but I'm a *holiday brights* kind of gal :)
Download your...
Letter - Christmas Gift Planner - 8.5" x 11"
Letter - Holiday Gift Planner - 8.5" x 11"
A5 - Christmas Gift Planner - 5.83" x 8.27"
A5 - Holiday Gift Planner - 5.83" x 8.27"

Don't forget to share this planner with friends & family!  Leave a comment and let me know how you plan & budget for holiday gift giving!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Freebie: A Handy {SUMMER} Chore Chart!

With summer vacation starting soon you may be looking to give your kids some responsibilities around the house.  Use this colorful, Editable Summer Chore Chart to track your children's chores and give them a sense of accomplishment!
You can add your child's name to the chart and change the chores in the left column!  (Blue spaces will not print.)
Make completing chores fun and rewarding this summer- stickers are a MUST!  These are simple, foil star stickers from Meijer.  This page is perfect to display on the fridge.  You can laminate it and use a dry or wet erase marker to check off each day.  You can leave the chore spaces blank and write them in by hand!  (It would make a great addition to your Mom Planner or Household Binder!)
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Freebie: Weekly Planner & Checklist {The Plan.}

Here's a colorful Weekly Planner to add to your planner or hang on your fridge!  Use this page to plan your week or create a checklist!  This is a great page to laminate so it can be used over and over!
This page was designed to help you organize your entire week on one page.  It can be used for anything- a checklist, schedule, meal planner, workout planner...  Fun colors combined with a simple, gray polka dot background will make this a cheerful addition to your planner!
Download your:
FREE Weekly Planner Page "The Plan" - Letter 8.5"x11"

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